Words For Wednesday!

I am so sorry this is late today, please don’t shoot paperclips at me.

Gummy bears are good shoot those.

Anyway, for those who are interested, here are today’s Words For Wednesday words. Can’t wait to see what you do with them. Feel free to either leave your tales in the comments, or leave us a link to your blog where we can find your stories!

  • stars
  • rain
  • smell
  • blood
  • moon shadow

Or, if you prefer, here’s a picture that you could use as inspiration if the words above don’t do anything for your creative juices!


17 thoughts on “Words For Wednesday!

  1. Quck and dirty take follows. Before I return to vacuuming and scrubbing guano from the veranda…

    Claire knew it was in her blood. The stars and the moon called to her. Sang to her. The smell of rain-washed earth triggered a yearning to be free.
    And stuck here, in the moon’s shadow, surrounded by paper clips and gummy bears, anchored byalgebra and physics classes her soul withered…

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  2. Hey there….here’s my effort for this week…. 🙂

    “With the sound of Cat Steven’s “MOON SHADOW” drifting out from the homestead kitchen across the wide verandah, only a few determined STARS remained between the rapidly forming leaden clouds. RAIN was imminent. She would welcome The SMELL of the dust being laid.

    She’d been born and bred in the harsh Australian outback. She’d never leave. It was in her BLOOD. She was used to droughts, but as she watched the clouds swirling above with the last fiery rays of the sun filtering through as it made its final farewell over the far horizon a feeling of contentment engulfed her. After the RAIN the once-parched land would come alive agai,n and once more the rivers and streams would be flowing.”

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  3. Thank you Carolyn for some great words and picture. Here is my offering and it is also posted on my blog.

    ALL FOR CHOCOLATE by Granny Annie

    Laying in the grass
    Gazing at the STARS
    Stuffing my mouth
    With Mars candy bars,
    Sudden wet sprinkles
    Caused me to refrain
    And run inside from
    The pouring RAIN.
    No way could
    I begin to quell
    The candy desire…
    The chocolate SMELL
    So I ventured out
    Into the rushing flood
    Risking life and limb
    Scratches bringing BLOOD
    I was filled with fear
    Fighting the undertow.
    End of life felt like drifting
    Softly on a MOON SHADOW.

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