Words For Wednesday Time!



It’s my final turn in the ‘WFW’ blog hop. I took on November, and here we are at the final Wednesday for November already! Where did the time go?

Without any further delay then, here are our words.

  • merkin
  • kibbe
  • truck
  • supernatural
  • sozzled
  • chubasco
  • whiskey
  • sunshine

As always, you are welcome to leave your microfiction or poetry either in the comments here or on our own blog. If you  put your contribution on your blog, please leave the link here so we can all come, haunt your blog and bask in your literary splendor.

Thank you so much for sticking with me, It’s been a fun ride!

As I understand it, we head over to The Daily Gaggle for next month’s installments of WFW!

18 thoughts on “Words For Wednesday Time!

  1. Okay sunshine, I didn’t fall off off the turnip truck yesterday you know. You were either sozzled on whiskey or tapped into the supernatural/paranormal when you came up with these words today. I am not ashamed to admit I had to look up merkin, kibbe and chubasco in the urban dictionary We have a bit of a chubasco going on here right now. George Bush isn’t the only one who says he’s proud to be a merkin and you were just a perfect kibbe to bring us this selection. Happy Words For Wednesday..

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  2. Interesting set of words…here’s my effort for this week…

    “She’d spent the morning suffering from the previous night’s celebration where she’d gotten very SOZZLED on the cheap WHISKEY available at the many beachside licensed cabanas. She’d said she’d have no TRUCK with the colourful establishments, but the lure of the music and the swaying tanned bodies soon made her forget her own words.

    For lunch she dined on a bowl of KIBBE, deciding to forgo her favourite Carne Asada Tacos which had almost been her staple diet since her arrival. The meal made her feel a lot better.

    All day SUNSHINE had shone brightly on the crystal-clear water and the white sands of Acapulco. As she lounged on topless on the beach her brief, MERKIN-style bikini bottom gave her a sense of wanton freedom.

    Suddenly, out of the blue, looming behind the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains a wild CHUBASCO was forming, giving the area a SUPERNATURAL feeling. It was time to head back to the safety of her hotel.

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  3. ‘Grey cardigans and routine define you. You ate dinner at 6:30. Two lamb chops, potatoes and peas. No kibbe for you. It is seven pm so you are gently sipping a whiskey. No ice. You have never been sozzled. I could enter you in Mastermind with your special subject of being boring. And no-one could beat you)‘ Laura threw at Martin as she walked out the door for the last time.

    Martin straightened the ornaments she had knocked askew and thought about it. Well meaning people had told him that Laura brought sunshine and excitement into his life.

    Life wasn’t dull while she was around, true. But it also wasn’t comfortable. He had no truck with the supernatural, and saw absolutely no reason for anyone, ever, to buy, wear or even think about merkins. Martin preferred his storms to fit into tea-cups, and Laura produced chubasco sized tempests.

    He shrugged his shoulders and sat back in his comfortable chair. Nearly 8, and question time in Parliament was about to come on. And when that was over, there was a chess tournament to watch…

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