Words For Wednesday

Here they are, a few hours early!

  • complicated
  • rodent
  • humor
  • theology
  • nature
  • sarcastic

As always, if you’d like to leave your fiction or poetry comprised of these words in our comments, we’d love to see them! If you’d prefer to put it on your blog, just leave the URL in the comments.

Have fun!

13 thoughts on “Words For Wednesday

  1. Here is my use of the words…based on fact!

    “Boy! I’ve tried very hard a few times so far this week not to be SARCASTIC, but my efforts have been COMPLICATED by the stupidity of others. My normal sense of HUMOUR has been sorely tested. I’ve tried to stay calm, but, like a RODENT, the behaviour of a couple of people has been gnawing away at me.
    I’m not a religious person, but even if I were and had seriously studied the THEOLOGY of various religions I don’t think it would have helped in lowering my stress levels, or placating my anger.”

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  2. Okay..got it…

    In nature one doesn’t often come across a complicated theology student of the rodent persuasion but Rodney, the sarcastic rat, had always been the exception rather than the rule. The universe had quite the sense of humour the day Rodney was born.

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